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Chris and Elena

We both just came out of relationships and just wanted to have fun when we signed up here. We definitely found that here! We both let it rip properly. But after we met a few times, we realized that we wanted more from each other. Now we enjoy plenty of good times together, but if we want new adventures, we definitely know where to look!

Thomas and Shirin

Shirin could hardly save herself from inquiries, but from the beginning I only had eyes for her. When she finally wrote me back, I was in seventh heaven!
But it took a little bit of persuasion until we met. We first went to a concert and then strolled for hours through the city. It was just as sweet as I had imagined.
Since then, we are inseparable and I am the happiest man in the world.

Catherina says

I signed up to meet new people when I moved. Especially guys. The plan has definitely worked out, I have had so many fun and cool dates! With some, a real friendship has developed.
If I want, I can have a date every night. For me, this is the best way to get to know a new city. Try it out ;-)

Cheating69 is for You!

Looking to put some fun and excitement back into your life? That's what Cheating69 was made for! Too much of a good thing...ends up being the same old thing. In a long term relationship, the spark inevitably goes out in the bedroom sooner or later. Cheating69 lets you have that delicious anticipation, that sense of sheer exhilaration that comes from being with someone new. There are women from every walk of life, including lonely wives who are just looking for a man to fulfil their sizeable sexual appetite. Imagine having a secret adventure that adds spice to your life - Cheating69 can make that happen. Easily!


In many cases, you may still be in love with your spouse - it's just your sex life that's gone stale. There may be children involved, property, a family business...there can be any number of reasons why it's still a good idea to stay together. You don't need to give up your everyday lifestyle when you use Cheating69 the best adult dating in Australia private online dating site, and that my friend, is deffinetly the beauty of our system. If no one knows, then no one gets hurt and you don't have to disrupt your life and that of your whole family just to have a little fun on the side. But at the same time, that "little bit of fun" can perk up the rest of your life and add a whole new dimension. Married women looking for men need look no further. They can find what they need while staying safe by registering with Cheating69 today.



Monogamy? It's Unnatural!



Is the human being really a monogamous animal? Many experts would say that we are not - that sticking with the same partner is actually unnatural. At Cheating69, we get that. Let's face it, at one time life was truly harder and the average lifespan ended at about age 40 - so monogamy was all you had time for! Many civilizations throughout history have featured arrangements of various kinds from the concubines and harems of kings and sultans to the Venetians of the Renaissance who switched lovers every year at Carnival time. The French of all ages have been famously tolerant of mistresses on the side - now Cheating69 lets anyone have that kind of tolerance. In today's world, there is equality between the sexes and you'll find many couples who have open relationships or simply cheating agreements where they get "time off" monogamy now and then. Every day, our members expand their sexual horizons with wife swapping adventures. Like countless Aussies and Kiwis, they know that a healthy marriage is a sexy marriage. Whether or not you have that kind of agreement, at Cheating69 we understand that you need to keep things discrete and out of the way and we're set up to help you do just that.



couple in underwear lying in bed



Why Are Men Frustrated with Dating?


Unfortunately, dating seems a punishing situation for some men. While there’s a lot of confusing and contradictory advice, they’re socially expected to be compliant. The society version of a good guy is one taken advantage of, mistreated and disrespected.

Modern dating leaves men in a no-win situation. Well, men have adapted and devised a few strategies to make the best of these problematic options that include the following:

  • Become attractive- Men have changed to become attractive, dominant, and sexually forward. However, these make them often labeled as players, and pick-up artists. This leaves the current relationship to be all about fulfilling short-term sexual needs.
  • Partnering carefully- Men have also adhered to social norms to become a ‘good guy.’ However, this requires a careful selection of a partner. Men who find honest and faithful partners often succeed in using this strategy.

If you started to get familiar with this content and want to get more interesting information that will help you in the cheating path with success: Welcome to the Kinky Cheating World!

The magazine done specially for you and your cheating needs.

Cheating69 to the Rescue



When you look for your lovers and fuck buddies online at Cheating69, it eliminates most of the issues that can really complicate things - starting with, where do you find cheating wives or husbands? Cheating69 lets you get past the difficulties that come from trying to find someone on your own. If you look inside your existing social circle or someone even remotely connected to friends, family or work, you're asking for a world of trouble. How can you get together without people noticing and seeing you together? And worst of all - what happens when the relationship goes south and your now ex-lover starts to tell tales? Even if you hit the bar scene for a quick hook-up, there's always a certain amount of awkwardness involved. You can act like it's a one-night stand situation, but what if they want to see you again? You either have to start explaining yourself or just lie outright. Cheating69 lets you be perfectly honest about who you are and what you want because you're entering into a community of like-minded people. You don't have to wonder if the person you're chatting with is interested, or if it may bother them that you're already attached because at Cheating69, everyone's in the same boat.



You deserve to Have Fun



When you're looking for some fun and fuck buddies on the side, there are certain rules that will make your life easier and keep your life running smoothly even while you add a whole new dimension. When you register with Cheating69, you can take advantage of the perks of keeping your personal life private and enjoying discreet sex. You definitely want to stay as far away from home as you can to avoid any potential run-ins with family or friends. It's not only the person themselves who you want to keep at a distance; your rendezvous should also be away from any usual areas you hang out. You also want to decide what kind of fling you want - a one night stand? A new partner every week?



A recurring fuck buddy for regular trysts? A steamy marital affair? You might even be interested in the idea of turning your current relationship into a cuckold relationship. Experimenting with roles in this way is a sure-fire way to find out exactly what turns you on the most. Once you figure that out, at Cheating69 you can be as honest as you like about your wants and wishes - and be sure that the other person wants the same kind of experience that you do. Cheating69 also lets you be as honest as you can about what kind of sex you like and chat up potential partners first to make sure you're on the same wavelength. Your time is precious and with Cheating69, we help you avoid wasting it by letting you ask for - and get - just what you want: great sex with no strings attached. All you need to do is sign up to get started right away.

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