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10 Reasons Why Unfaithful Wives Cheat with the Neighbors

The urge to taste the forbidden fruit and explore the unchartered waters of having to lay a different partner is one of the reasons why people cheat. However, in the recent days, women have been found to cheat with the neighbors.

sexy wife cheating with the neighbor
Cheating with the neighbor is convenient and easy.

Some people have tried to answer the question why, but this text will be trying to uncover the truth.

#1 Women Find it Easy to Get Away with the Operation

This is something that will be done in the secret of their houses in the name of friendship and good neighborhood. It therefore becomes hard for their spouse or other neighbors to suspect the 'crime'.

The neighbors know that they are married and therefore ready to keep this marital affair as discreet as possible.

When confronted by their men about it when there's suspicion, they can easily brush it away by having to borrow something from the neighbor's house.

#2 No Facebook or Text Messages

This is perhaps the most dangerous bit in this form of cheating. Married women looking for men can really conceal their affair when no texting is involved. Even if their spouse suspect that all is not right, no evidence can be linked to infidelity.

In addition, women find this convenient as they don't have to waste much time trying to seduce each other. No prior preparation to hide the affair, it's already concealed.

#3 This an Everyday Affair

The sweetest thing about cheating with your neighbor is that you get to see them every day. That hot guy is just next door. When you miss him, just slip in his house and quench your thirst.

You can flirt with your crush anytime, even when you pretend not to want it. In any case, your man could be miles away and you got feelings.

things turning on with the neighbor
Your neighbor knows that you're married and desires you!

#4 No Romance

Your neighbor knows that you're married and is therefore not thinking of romance. He's there to take his fair share of the pie. This is a quick sexual fantasy and there's no room for emotional attachments that come up when you befriend a single.

You like his cute face and well-packed muscles, and he likes your breasts, you get laid, nothing more.

#5 Absentee Husbands

Most women find it hard to wait until their absentee husbands return from working abroad. They will look for a guy next door to satisfy their urge of getting laid. Put differently, these lonely wives might suspect that their husbands also have affairs while they are away.

This might give these housewives the validation to cheat with the neighbors.

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#6 Boredom

After a steamy honeymoon and the sexual excitement wears off, things get tough and keeping the spark alive becomes boring. At this stage, married women are likely to fall prey of seductive men around them.

They need something to revitalize their sexual pleasures and explore new fantasies.


Infidelity and proximity don't mix. No matter how much you keep it a secret, it will be unearthed someday.

#7 Hope of Getting Caught

Cheating is another way some women may use to end a relationship. Women who have been cheated on or have married the wrong man might cheat especially with her neighbors in order to hurt their partners and push them out of the marriage. Some actually do it so carelessly in the hope they'll get caught and dumped. Once confronted, she will own it up so she gets dumped. It is a win-win for the cheater.

#8 Neighbors are Friendly

Before they became intimate, they were friends. Being friends they may have shared a lot without the exclusion of a dirty talk, which would mean they're open with each other's' feelings and even doing more isn't a hassle. In case they are not treated well by their husbands, they'll run to their neighbors to get comforted and may end up preying on them.

#9 Avoiding Intimacy

Infidelity is as a result of need of intimacy, but could also be as a result of the need to keep away from intimacy. Marriage may demand a lot of sacrifice and commitment that some women are not prepared for.

cheating wife nailing the neighbor down
Your neighbor wirll revitalize your sexual pleasures!

She might also want to remain detached from a partner fearing the responsibility attached therein.


This may happen because you rushed into marriage and you've just realized that you weren't ready for it.

#10 "My Partner Will Forgive Me After All"

Knowing that your partner will forgive you in case he finds you cheating might make you cheat even with your immediate neighbor. Although forgiving an affair could be commended, it actually sends a destructive message to the cheater.

"Feel free to do it again, I'll still be waiting for you".

In as much as infidelity and proximity don’t mix, a married cheating wife next door is easy to get away with. There are no emotional attachments, no texting, and no drama. Just take what you need and stop it at that.

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