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10 Tips for Getting and Keeping a Secret Love Interest

Thinking about having an extra marital affair but scared of getting caught? You should be! Cheating on your partner is one of the best ways to get dumped!

hot brunette ready for a secret cheating love
Are you looking for someone to jazz up your sex play?

If you're getting tired of being with the same man and considering playing bedroom games with a younger guy, then there are some tried and true ways to cover your tracks! Get a spicy partner on the side to jazz up your sex play!

Here are 10 ways to keep your cheating secret while keeping your current partner happy.

#1 Lock Your Phone!

If you're the cheating wife and want to keep your new lover on the down low, make sure both your men never have access to your phone. Our phone history is one of the dead giveaways and once caught, you will find it hard to excuse your behaviour.

If you DO get caught, tell him, he's the computer nerd that fixed your breakdown or best friend's brother asking your advice on a birthday gift! Make sure any apps you use are logged out!

Better yet don't use your phone.

#2 Always Pay Cash!

If you go out to a restaurant, plan a cheating weekend getaway at a beach resort or buy your new stud that hot pair of brief's he (aka you've) been eyeing, pay for it in cold, hard, cash.

Leaving an electronic trail in your bank account or ATM statements will get you found out in no uncertain terms. Never leave any breadcrumbs that could interrupt your hot encounters. If you go to eat or for drinks never use your credit card and always sign a fake name.

Always discard your bills and slips in the nearest bin but tear them up first!

#3 Don't Use Your Computer!

Married women looking for men should always use a public computer and never their own. Don't rely on private surfing or incognito browsers.


Stay off your laptop or home computer and always use a public space to make your connection.

Set up a secret email account and mail your sexy FWB to arrange your tryst. Don't send letters, cards, gifts or other items through the mail, always give them to your guy in person.

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#4 Shhhhhhhhh! - Keep It to Yourself

Keep your cuckold on the down low and don't tell a soul. You may be tempted to reveal all to your BFF or your sister or that racy aunt who used to be a stripper, but you should never talk about your affair to anybody.

Somebody, sometime, may be tempted to tell all to your current partner, perhaps after a fight or due to keeping a guilty secret.


Never tell anybody 100% of anything, ever. This is your secret and unless you want to get caught, even if it's in a long terms, don't do it!

#5 Keep Your Meetings Secret!

Always have discreet sex. As already discussed pay for hotel rooms or holiday cottages in cash and never use your (or his) real names on the register.

If you pay for all your expenses in cash, you can't be traced.

Avoid hotels with too many CCTV cameras and opt for smaller, more private places to meet for sex play

couple keeping their cheating meetup in secret
Keep lingerie for your private trysts!

#6 Be Ready to Drop Him!

If need be, you may need to cover your tracks but quickly. This means you must be ready to cancel plans without word, end the affair (even temporarily) or walk away from feelings which may develop.

The best wife stories are the ones with zero attachments and based on just having a good time in the bedroom. If you think you're going to feel guilty and spill the beans to your partner, cheating isn't for you!

#7 Plan on Getting Caught!

Wait, what? Any cheater knows that no matter how well you plan, there is still the chance that you may get caught. Your current partner or husband going to the same restaurant by chance or..well you get the idea.

Plan ahead. Work out what you'll say or how you'll cover up what you're really doing. Plan in advance, work out your story beforehand

#8 Keep Doing What You Normally Do!

Many women who cheat, suddenly change their hair, make up or diet. Don't do this. If you suddenly start wearing sexy perfume or lingerie when you didn't before.

This will set off the alarm bells with your current partner and raise the risk of suspicion which could lead to being found out.

Keep doing what you have been doing and keep the perfume and lingerie for your private trysts!

cheating couple getting caught
Believe it or Not: Plan on Getting Caught!

#9 No Photos!

Make sure there is no photo evidence of you and your love interest. At all costs don't take any in a compromising position. Photographic evidence can't be explained away easily and this is a NO-GO area for cheating couples.

Leave the web-cam photos alone too, and don't send boudoir prints to your lover. Never ever send nude selfies or illicit video to your new guy. Stay away from restaurants and bars where the nights fun and games are filmed for security reasons as this may be presented as evidence later!

#10 Feelings are a Big No!

Never choose a sidepiece that wants more. If your lover suddenly catches feelings and wants more than a sex date on your terms, it's time to say GOODBYE!. This is supposed to be a bit of hot fun, not a complication.

Don't let this happen to you. Keep things on a strictly casual basis and make this clear from the word go.

Your man needs to know that serious feelings and commitments are not going to happen for the two of you.

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