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Crazy But True: Cheating Can be Healthy for a Relationship

It may not be in the "Idiot's Guide to Having a Great Relationship", but dating experts are now coming to think that cheating has had a bad press over the years.

horny couple cheating healthy in the kitchen
Did you know that cheating is healthy for a relationship?

In fact, it's ever more common to hear people argue that a little bit of cheating can actually be healthy for a relationship.

How can that be? Surely everything we've been taught about dating or marriage suggests that loyalty and monogamy is the way things ought to be, and that betraying the one we love spells the end of any healthy relationship.

Well, sometimes everything you know is wrong. As this article will show, there are plenty of reasons for those in the know to see cheating as beneficial, with some extremely important qualifications.

So let's dive in and find out how this crazy theory might just be true.

Not all Cheaters are Looking for a Way Out of their Relationship

Firstly, there's one very important insight that relationship counselors and sexperts are coming to share: just because you feel the urge to find a fuck buddy outside your relationship doesn't mean you want that relationship to die.

Our emotions and attachments are everlasting things which never waver. They are more like the lines on oscilloscopes, or the waves of the sea. Sometimes we can tune into this rhythm, and understand that we feel distant from our partner now, while knowing we'll come together again soon.

In those moments, cheating can actually be a great way to kickstart that process of coming back together. Finding NSA sex with a stranger seems to put your relationship into context, allowing you to see it with fresh eyes.

sexy healthy relationship after kinky sex
Cheating has it's silver linings for your relationship

Cheating is a Way to Handle Dry Spells in any Relationship

Sexual droughts can afflict anybody. Even the most solid marriage can have spells where neither partner seems able to arouse the other, leading to length periods with hardly any action in the bedroom.

And these spells can lead to genuine tensions or even break-ups if left too long.

PRO-TIP - Great Romantic Ironies:

Cheating can help either partner satisfy their sexual desire during sex droughts, warding off frustration and anger, and helping them stay relaxed about the way things are going.

In the end, by choosing to cheat, people can actually keep their relationships going, until the drought ends and kinkiness returns.

Consensual "Cheating" is Becoming More and More Common

Here's another thing which has led romantic experts to look more kindly on a bit of extra-marital fun: people are having more open relationships all the time, and what used to be thought of as cheating is becoming totally normalized.

PRO-TIP - For Would-be Cheaters:

If you know that you're in a relationship with someone you trust and want to be with forever, but there's a nagging sexual frustration, they may well be ready to bring strangers into the relationship.

Don't be too forward, but watch a movie about an open relationship, bring it into a conversation casually (maybe talk about workmates who do the same thing) or even watch some porn.

But you'll be surprised how keen people are to try it. It's becoming mainstream, and your partner will know all about how open relationships work.

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Sometimes, Cheating Can Take Relationships to Another Level

So far, we've either been talking about consensual open relationships and cheating which doesn't get discovered. But, let's face it: cheaters are often unmasked, and how can that ever be good for a relationship? Hold on though, even in cases like this there could be a silver lining.

Trust us, we've seen this countless times. When guys (or girls) or discovered, two things can happen. Most often, the two break up and go their separate ways.

But here's the crazy thing: in a surprisingly large number of cases, the opposite happens, and couples move on, becoming stronger after the cheating episode.

The act of cheating seems to provide space to reassess and think about what was going wrong, and where relationships are heading. But here's a pro-tip: If you are unmasked, don't assume your partner will react with maturity and grace.

Just stay cool, apologize and be patient. Even if you are thrown out, they may come around. In fact, it often takes a couple of weeks for the healing process to begin. So don't torpedo your chances by letting anger take over.

cheaters having fun in the bedroom
NSA sex will put your relationship into context.

Cheating Can be a Learning Experience

Finally, look at it this way: life is all about learning and growing, but relationships can restrict your opportunities to try new sexual experiences. If you are conscious of this, things can get mighty depressing, even if your partner is great in all respects.

But if you do choose to start a marital affair, why not use it as a chance to learn? Meet someone different, someone who is up for casual fun, and who knows a thing or two about life in the bedroom.

Not only will you have a blast, but the skills you learn may ease any suspicions from your regular partner. After all, if they are having the best sex of their life, why complain?

So, while it's definitely true that cheating can be hurtful, people are starting to question this old-fashioned perspective. In some ways, finding discreet sex outside your relationship can be a very good, healthy thing!

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