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Brett’s Marriage Was Saved After His Affair with a Cheating Wife

man pushing woman against the wallAs a 45-year-old travelling salesman, I spend a lot of time on the road - and a lot of time without sex. For years, both my wife Sarah and I have been forced to live with sex just once a week. And to be honest, sometimes it’s not even that! I’m constantly staying in strange hotels on my own, and I’m forced to masturbate two or three times to week just to remain sane. As for Sarah, she is just as frustrated. While we try to have telephone sex when we can, nothing beats the real thing. Apart from a lack of sex, we are a very happy couple. We spend quality time together when we can, and we raise our two kids as a team. But a few months ago, we came to the conclusion that something needed to change. We’re both approaching 50, and we should be enjoying sex far more than we are.

That’s when we decided to live out our fantasies. My wife has always known I have a fantasy that involves meeting a married woman for sex in a hotel. And I know that Sarah has always wanted to to fuck a stranger in a dangerous place - such as a bus or an alley. We decided that life was too short to deprive ourselves of our desires, so we arranged a couple of meetings via an online dating site. I simply searched for ‘cheating wife’, and within five minutes I’d found the perfect woman. Sarah then registered as a cheating wife herself, and it wasn’t long before we’d both arranged our illicit encounters.

The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had with My Cheating Wife

The woman I met was called Sandra. She was a 39-year-old mother of three who had grown apart from her husband. She didn’t want to divorce her husband because of the kids, but she didn’t want to miss out on an active sex life. I arranged to meet Sandra in a large hotel. From the moment I met her in the hotel bar, I knew I was in for the time of my life. She was wearing a low-cut dress with her tits spilling out of them. And the dress was so short I could almost see her panties. We got on fantastically well. After drinks and dinner, we made our way to my room. Before I could get the door closed, she had my cock in her hand and her tongue down my throat. She was possessed!

I could tell she hadn’t had sex for quite a while, as she was grinding her hips into me like a dog on heat. We fell onto the bed, and without warning she tore her panties and stockings off. With her gorgeous dress still on, she slid down my hard cock - groaning in ecstasy as she did. There I was, still almost fully clothed, with my hard cock inside a cheating wife - who was a complete stranger. Within a minute or two, she came so hard I though the walls were going to collapse.

She instantly jumped off my cock and took it in her mouth. Within seconds I blew my load. And this gorgeous cheating wife swallowed everything. After a short break, we got naked and went for it again. In total, we fucked five times that night.

My Wife’s Sexual Encounter Made Her Weak at the Knees

My wife sarah met her date at a local bar. She wanted to pretend to be a prostitute who was meeting a client, so she dressed like a slut. No one would have known she was a cheating woman playing a role. Anyway, she met a guy called Peter. He was married too, and a little overweight. But Sarah didn’t care. My wife said she could see Peter’s erection from the moment she met him in the bar - and it was massive. They only managed one drink together before my wife asked Peter to fuck her in the small car park outside.

She said he bent her over a car, pulled her skirt up and her panties to one side, and fucked her bareback as people were walking by. Sarah told me she’d never cum so hard. She loved it. When he was finished, she just pulled her skirt back down, said goodbye, and walked off into the distance.

And she has vowed never to see the guy again. Sarah wants to play the field, so she wants to meet a different stranger every week. And because she’s a sexy cheating wife, she won’t be short of offers!

My Sex Life Has Never Been Better Since Meeting a Cheating Wife

Although neither my wife nor I had realised it, our sex life had become boring and unpredictable. After our sexual encounters with strangers, we realised that there was so much erotic action we were missing out on. We knew that we’d turned a corner, and that we could never go back. Sex with strangers was now something that would be part of our life for ever. I now have a new cheating lady every weekend - although I sometimes go back to the sexiest women I meet for more. My wife Sarah is now a cheating wife with a huge following. She is inundated with offers for casual sex outdoors. She even told me there is a waiting list to get into her panties! She fucks a guy every week. In fact, sometimes she fucks two or three guys.

I have told her that she has to do what makes her happy. All that I ask is that she tells me in advance if she’s going to meet a stranger for sex. I’m still working away, and when I’m feeling horny, I simply arrange to meet a cheating wife in the area I’m working in. We simply meet for drinks, then spend the night fucking the brains out of one another. And you know what? My wife loves it. She’s never jealous - just the opposite, in fact. She always wants to know the intimate details of my last date. And the sex between Sarah and I has never been better. We now fuck like rabbits at every opportunity. I think the fact that we are both fucking strangers all the time actually makes us want each other more.

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