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Cheating Wife Desires

man taking a woman against the wallI honestly don't know what drove me to do what I did that night. Maybe it was the two hours Mr. Dean Wesson spent rambling about the importance of teamwork in marketing and God knows what else. Maybe it was the crushing boredom that came with working long hours and having no me-time. Maybe it was the never ending four year marriage that produced no memory of when I last had an orgasm since my husband was always travelling for work. However the thought of being a cheating wife hadn't crossed my mind just yet.

As his secretary, I had seen how thick it was every time he walked by. How long. How it stretched his pants. Whatever it was, I'll never know for sure. We had our moments where we almost kissed but stopped ourselves because we knew that it was wrong. Don't get me wrong. I love Gary, my husband, but with him gone for weeks at a time, it was only a matter of time before I started having sexual fantasies with my boss. I am 35 and at my age all that matters is good sex and some fun which Gary didn't offer. I cleared my desk, picked up my bag and headed for the elevator. As the doors were about to close, Mr. Wesson dashed out of the office and made for the elevator.

Fantasies coming real

With him in the elevator, the space suddenly felt small. His tall, solidly muscled body loomed over me with the scent of his cologne and Scotch whisky surrounding me. A slow, sensual smile stretched across his face. It made him seem different, more approachable. His blue eyes shone vividly and I suddenly wished for a drink as my mouth had suddenly gone dry. "See Emily,in a space as small as this, alone with a gentleman, it's normal for a woman to feel some apprehension," he said in a hushed voice. He brushed his fingertips over my face and with a piercing gaze continued, "She will ask herself if he will kiss him." The balls on this guy! He was voicing my every concern.

I jerked my eyes to his face and watched him lean closer saying, "In case you are wondering, the answer is most definitely yes." I knew I shouldn't ask him to stop, to put his hand down. But I couldn't stop looking at his luscious lips and wondering what they would feel like. He was so close. If I dared move an inch, I would certainly be kissing him. Kissing him. My throat went tight with a suppressed moan. Excitement rushed through my insides, sending tingles all the way down to my toes.

No way back

He kept leaning closer. Then his lips brushed mine and when he pulled back and just held my chin, I almost thought it was over. He traced his thumb along my lower lips as he studied me like a predator eyeing his prey. It had just been a peck yet it affected me so profoundly. "Of course after he's kissed her, it's his turn to wonder whether she'll respond, whether he will ignite an inside fire." He then touched his mouth to mine, more firmly this time. I clutched at his lapels for more of the delicious, steady pleasure that he was offering and kissed him back. He traced his mouth deliberately and lingeringly with his tongue. This time, I couldn't hold back my moan. His tongue was like a bold blade of flame as it came into contact with mine.

I twisted and pressed my tits against his chest in a bid to increase the sensational pleasure on my taut, aching nipples. His breathing grew heavier. He probed more forcefully with his tongue, went deeper and compelled me to melt against him completely. When he broke the kiss, I suddenly felt a sense of loss. Standing against one another, I could feel his bulge. Liquid warmth pooled in my lower pelvis and I could feel my sex throbbing for more.

Cinching the waist of my skirt, I could feel his hands on my panties. The black, lace ones that I loved. His fingers found their inside my panties and into my pussy. My, my, my...I certainly wished I had more space to spread my legs wider for this. Looking as if he was unaffected, Dean continued fucking me with his fingers as he watched my face as I moaned at the pleasure of his fingers teasing inside of me. His other hand taunted at my nipples through my blouse and all I could do was revel in it and beg for more. This man knew how to make a woman writhe in pleasure with nothing but hands and a stare. No man had ever touched me like this. "A little harder, oh, a little harder," I urged him. I could feel my orgasm riding waves.

Inches deep

But it seemed Dean had other plans for me. Punching some button, the elevator stopped and I knew we had as much time as we wanted. I leaned down and unzipped his pants. Even through his boxer shorts, he was delightfully big. His cock beckoned at me. After lowering his pants and boxers, I slowly took him into my mouth and started suckling. I moved my tongue up and down his shaft. I played with his balls.

I lived all my cock fantasies and by the time I was done, I could feel him barely holding on for control. I knew he wanted more. I wanted more. I wanted to feel him inside me, riding me until I couldn't hold on. As if reading my mind, Dean gently picked me up. Pulling up my skirt and my panties down, he took me against the wall of the elevator.

As I felt the beginning of his heat inside me, he burst into a frenzy, pounding me fiercely as if he had to fill me to the brim and give his every last inch. And God help me I wanted all of him inside me. Lustful of me, I knew, but the pleasure was undeniable. I moaned, he moaned. We fell into each other, lunging against the wall of the elevator so that the blinding climax robbed us of all thought accompanied by our heavy breathing. By the time we came to our senses, the elevator was moving. And even with the possibility of my husband finding out what we had done, I was happy I had done this. It was the best sex I had had in a long time and I was not going to spoil the memory by having those cheating wife regrets. Not yet anyway.

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