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How I Hooked Up With My First Cougar, Who Turned Out to be a Cheating Wife

Her name was Madeline, not that I learned that until her husband was shouting her name, demanding I get out of his house. Until then, she'd just been the hot cougar who hang around our student bars. We all thought she was a mature student, learning a little law to boost her career. We didn't have a clue! In reality, Madeline was a fox, who knew what she wanted and got it. And she knew that she didn't want Wayne Masters, her overweight, greedy, but incredibly successful husband. She wanted the physical pleasure that younger guys could bring. And our class was her hunting ground.

half naked blonde woman lying on the floor
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How Madeline Found Her Way Into Our Social Circle

The first time I set eyes on Madeline I was 20 years old and in my second year of university studying law. We had a tight group of guys, and we were the usual kind of simple, testosterone fuelled idiots. Well, we were until one of us decided to introduce a cheating wife into the picture. Without telling us what he was doing, one of my friends went online and hooked up with Madeline. He just wanted to impress us at a party that was coming up, and he definitely succeeded.

She was gorgeous - 41 years old, 6 feet tall, curvy, blonde haired, intelligent and not afraid to flirt. We wondered where she had come from. She said that she was studying towards a law qualification and I'm pretty sure I noticed her winking at my friend. It didn't matter to me. I was hypnotised by this stunning woman. I'd never seen anything like her. Suddenly, the crowds of skinny innocent students we invited round melted away. There was something completely irresistible about this woman, and I thought she felt the same way about me. Before long, we were in a corner of the party. My friend had found someone else, and Madeline was all over me.

If there was a moment in my life when I became a man, this was it. No more girls for me. It was time for a MILF to satisfy my deepening sexual desires, and Madeline was quickly reeling me in.

We Leave the Party and Everything Becomes Incredibly Complicated

That night, we went back to my dorm room. I think Madeline was turned on by being in a student room, with the posters on the wall, clothes on the floor and the cheap bed creaking with our bodies as I fucked her all night long. I could see the glint in her eye as we embraced. There was something mischievous, something wicked about it - as if she was tempting me to my doom.

At the time, I just wrote it off as something that always happens with a cheating wife. When they are doing something naughty, it makes them feel young again. It makes them passionate, when they've had years of boring, sexless marriage. At least that's what I thought, and I wasn't completely wrong. As we fucked and I came and came again, the truth is I wasn't thinking that much at all. It was sheer physical ecstasy. Physical bliss. Nothing had ever been as good as sex with Madeline.

I Start Meeting My Cheating Wife for Naughtier Sex Sessions

So we started an affair. I knew she didn't intend to leave her husband. She had kids, although she didn't talk about them much, and her husband had money. She wanted to keep it that way, and I was happy to be her fuck buddy. But at the same time, something was wrong. I'd completely given myself up for this woman. I was in her power. As a MILF and a cheating wife, she had something incredibly sexy about her and my resistance melted. So I consented to meeting her at her own house when her husband Wayne was away.

I agreed to fuck her outside by the pool, even though neighbors could have seen. I wasn't thinking about being discovered. I had the sexiest cheating wife in town in my bed, and I was feasting on her beauty and sexual desire. Madeline loved it. She told me I was keeping her sane. I was her crutch in a loveless marriage. I was giving her more pleasure that Wayne had for decades. And every time she said something like that, I came harder. She was telling me what I wanted to hear, and I was rising to the occasion. Then, everything collapsed.

How My First Cheating Wife Adventure Fell Apart

Now I know more about how kinky cheating wives can be, but as I parked my car and entered her house that day, nothing seemed strange. Madeline was there in her lingerie with a cocktail. She greeted me by putting her hand on my cock and massaging me straight into a huge erection. She smiled with that naughty glint, then led me into the bedroom. For the first time, the door slammed shut and locked.

At the side of the room, one of the paintings clicked and slid to one side like a screen, to be replaced by a glaring light, then what looked like a video camera. "Honey," I heard someone say, "Just fuck the little bastard and we'll be even." It was a complete set-up. Beautiful, insatiable Madeline turned out not just to be a cheating wife, but Wayne turned out to be a total cuckold.

It turned out she made a habit of luring guys into their bedroom and fucking them brutally, in the most extreme possible ways, only for Wayne to film it all. Now, I was the star. Did I run away? I guess I could have done so. But for some reason, I stayed put. I could see Madeline for what she was. We both wanted to fuck, I knew that, and Wayne loved to watch. So I gave him, and her what they wanted. I've never seen either again, but I've not stopped meeting cheating wives via online dating. I don't even care if I'm cuckolding someone when I do. With cougars like Madeline around, I just can't get enough.

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