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Am I a cheating wife, or do I just love my work? My husband's crazy curious!

Business is my passion, and I love to travel and grow my fashion company. My name is Kate, I'm 35, and married to Andrew since I was 20. I've been travelling heavily for the last few years. I meet lots of people on flights, in airport lounges, and even hotel business centres. Most of the time it's all business, but evenings I cross the line. When men approach I dislike being "hit on," but I enjoy a bit of cat and mouse. They have to have some style. Naughtiness is also a requirement because I do wear my wedding ring.

woman making out with a man while husband calls
Cheating is more exciting when the husband suspects it

I return from most business trips not worn out from travel but smiling and full of energy. My husband is desperately curious to know why -- he knows I love my work, and it's going well. I don't think he wants to ask if there's another reason that I'm smiling. That's both because he doesn't want to know if I'm a cheating wife, and because I think he secretly fantasises about it. We've had those bedroom talks, the "would you ever" and "what if" talk, about somebody we know or somebody we imagine. I'm always ambiguous, and I've noticed that my evasive answers seem to excite him. The closer I get to expressing interest in other play partners, the more passionate he gets and the harder he is. I think that's a clue. But still, he seems not to be willing to cross the line into reality -- he doesn't ask if I was alone or not in my hotel bed. I wasn't.

Cuckolding with Style

I confess. When I travel I get a lot of sex. I just do. I'm not a nymphomaniac, but I am a passionate woman. At the end of the day, I don't want to just shut down, read a book, and drift off to sleep. I love drinks and a good conversation. Hopefully, the connection from talking leads to sweat and twisted bed sheets. I suppose curiosity is part of what drives me in life too, and here it's acute: what does he look like out of that suit? How big is it? Too big? Is he athletic in bed or creative, romantic or tender? It's kind of like speed dating, with a more exciting ending.

I'm getting pretty good at guessing the outcome, but I do have my surprises. Meanwhile, I do have the phone calls with my husband where sometimes we're playful, sometimes we just exchange hellos. Occasionally the tension on the line is palpable as he tries to detect whether I'm recovering from a good shag and sounding "glowing" or something. Why doesn't he ask? It makes me smile because it's so much better than putting it in his face, to cuckold him and not even have the courtesy to tell him directly.

Testing the Edge

Of course, I sometimes drop hints and see how he responds, like "they have the best beds at this hotel, so comfortable" or "I miss you so much, honey. I get so horny on the road and you're not here." Sometimes I talk with him in private, and, if my lover is discreet, occasionally I talk while we're still in bed, naked. A few times, I've talked with my husband while a man is still inside me and we finish after I hang up.

I love fucking a playful man, because teasing me and touching me while I'm on the phone is fantastic. Bringing me to the edge of orgasm without having it show in my voice makes the eruption after my husband hangs up even more messy and delicious. I can't stand the power the guy has over me sometimes.

I jump on top and keep him on edge for a while until we both either break down laughing about my cuckolding or look into each others' eyes, kiss, and climax together. A few times I've cracked up when I've got my hand around a particularly large donger, and I'm talking to my husband saying things like "this is a big trip, I'm dealing with a very large customer" with a bit of emphasis on big and large. Andrew must be able to hear my excitement about getting that into me, mustn't he?

Bedtime at Home, and the Tension is in the Air

I think being a cheating wife has spiced up our marriage. Andrew is like a puppy the way he greets me when I get home, serves me dinner, and watches me expectantly as we eat. With my energy, I rarely go straight to sleep. He's always surprised that I get back from a long trip and rip the clothes off of him. I make sure to do things a bit differently than we have before, taking him in my mouth a bit longer, using a new position, or kissing passionately when we usually kiss like the long-married couple we are. Our "edge play" is so erotic, as each of us is trying to figure out whether the other one has something taboo to say.

Sometimes, when he goes down on me, I see him pause and reflect. I smile to myself. If he only knew how many men have been there! In fact, every part of my body from my ears to my nipples and toes has been worshipped and caressed in so many ways. My husband's touch is the touch of love, and I crave it even as I'm orgasming in another man's arms. Being a cheating wife is a tough balancing act. But I come home with such passion, it seems to be to be a positive thing. And I know that he knows in his heart that he's sharing me. Our sex is sweet, wild, and wonderful because of our silent agreement. Some day perhaps he'll look at me, after a particularly amazing evening together, and ask me. How should I answer?

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