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Be a cuckold or turn someone into one with amazing kinky sex

At Cheating69 we understand that cheating in one of the most exciting taboos of our time. That's what makes the sex so intense and the experience so unforgettable. However, sometimes you want to take things to the next level for an even more surreal experience. That next level is cuckolding.

Beautiful woman cuckolding her husband
Would you like being fucked by a stranger while your husband is watching?

Turning your husband into a cuckold in a hotel room with some stud pounding at you from behind while you film it on your camera phone is one thing, doing it right in front of him while he holds to camera is another thing entirely! More and more people are finding that watching their partner get their brain screwed out by another man or woman is just the thing to reignite the passion in their stale sex life. Many underestimate the power of a taboo and its ability to create emotional intensity the likes of which most people never get to experience. Knowing that you are transgressing social norms in a way that you would never tell your loved ones about and adding in the spice of a pair of watchful eyes belonging to your current partner makes for an aphrodisiac mix that is hard to match.

But maybe 3 is too much company for you?

Slim woman standing in a hotel roomBut perhaps you prefer the intensity that comes from a secret fuck with a total stranger that your husband or wife never know of. He takes you to a hotel room, goes down on you, fucks you from behind and then films you blowing him. He takes the recording away and you don't know what he will do with it. Maybe post it online, maybe find your partner and send it to him. You don't know but the thought of it is getting you turned on, turned on enough to find someone else to do the same thing with. Then you go home and get your cuckold husband to fuck you in the same way that your mystery stud did. Cheating69 give you access to a whole host of people with sexual interests aligned perfectly with yours. Whether you want your partner to know about it or not, you will find sexual partners who are ready and willing to indulge your cuckold fantasy and beg your to recreate theirs.

Take if from first hand cuckold experience

Don't just take it from us. One of our members, Jennifer, was a 25 year old married woman when she started getting interested in the idea of cuckolding. She had this to say about her experience on Cheating69.

"I always considered myself to be an attractive woman but after 4 years of marriage and two children my husband seemed to lose interest in sex with me, and, to be honest, I didn't feel strong chemistry with him anymore either. I had slept with one or two other men but it didn't deliver on the promise of the fantasy. I came across cheating69 and actually suggested we try it to my husband. I was astounded by his reaction! He told me he had been thinking about the exact same thing for a while. We registered and pretty soon we found a 21 year old guy who wanted to give it a try. We met at a hotel room and my husband started recording on his camera straight away. I could tell he was nervous but also pretty turned on by the whole experience."

The guy was pretty dominant but I liked that. He stripped off my skirt and panties and told me to blow him. I did for a while and then he stood me up, turned me around and started doing me from behind in front of the mirror. I could see my husband filming in the mirror and I kept looking from him to my lover. I was getting super turned on, we all were. I'd never even let my husband do it before, but the guys moved me to my knees again and then came on my face.

"He left shortly after that and me and my husband talked about the experience. We even ended up having sex ourselves in the hotel room! We couldn't wait to try it again and went straight online as soon as we got home"

Woman on bed being seduced by a stranger
Most men fantasize about a cuckold relationship

"But my guy wouldn't be into something like that." Wrong!

Many women are interested in the fantasy of cuckold sex but assume that their normal, straightforward partner wouldn't be into something so kinky. Wrong! Odds are, he is watching some dirty porn on the topic right now and that they are into the wife swapping business. Studies show that cuckold porn is the second most commonly searched topic for men. There is something about the visceral sight of their woman getting sexually satisfied by another that creates its own kind of emotional intensity for a man. Many couples report that a cuckold relationship was the seed that reignited their sexual passion for each other and saved their marriage in the process! When you register with Cheating69, you enter a community where judgement is left at the door. All that is left is an open-minded approach to genuine sexual exploration.

If you are looking to expand your sexual horizons and investigate exactly what it is that turns you on, this is the place to do it.

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