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Cuckold Relationships - Advice for Beginners

So, you’ve decided that you want to turn your marriage into a full-blown, no holds-barred cuckold relationship. That’s a big step for anyone, and it’s never a good idea to dive into cuckolding without thorough preparation.

man undressing woman in front of a camera
'They love to watch themselves and play back the best experiences.'

An Introduction to the world of Cuckolding

First off, let’s get some definitions out of the way. What’s cuckolding all about anyway? The term “cuckold” is an ancient one. In fact, it appears in 14th century literature. At first, it compared men whose wives played away to cuckoos, who proverbially lay their eggs in other birds’ nests. Over the years the name stuck, becoming a term of humiliation. For centuries, a cuckold was something no man wanted to be, but this has all changed. More recently, guys and their partners have started to discover that cuckolding has plenty of erotic potential and that the possibility of wife swapping is as exciting as any other fetish that helps the couple's sexual flame. For guys, there’s the thrill of seeing their wives brought to orgasm by another man. For the cuckoldress, it’s all about enjoying sexual pleasure with other men, without leaving their long-term relationship. There are definitely some big upsides about embracing the role of cuckold, but there are some pitfalls too. Here are some handy tips that will enable you to be turned on, without ruining your relationship in the process.

Embrace the Beta Male Persona

First off, be realistic about the role that you’ll be playing. As a cuckold, you are the beta-male. While the bull is fucking your wife and taking her to places you never could, you have to be submissive. If you’re cool with that, you’re more than likely the perfect beta-male specimen. Don’t take your position too seriously either. You may be submissive in the bedroom, but cuckolding isn’t a reflection of your everyday personality, it’s an erotic game. If you take an inferiority complex into the boudoir, watching your wife moaning with pleasure will be an empty, joyless experience.

Choose the Right Equipment to Capture the Action

While it’s not essential to film your wife in action, many couples prefer it that way. Why? That should be obvious. When they aren’t engaging in full-on cuckolding sessions, they love to watch themselves and play back the best experiences. They get off on the climax and the theatre of it all, and you probably will too. So invest in a high-quality digital camera (unless you want to go for a grainy vintage look), and think about a tripod too.

Go Online to Find the Perfect Bulls for Your Wife

You don’t want to invite a guy over who promises the earth but can’t get it up. Sometimes the men you find on listings sites promise incredible measurements, which never materialise. Don’t take the risk. Instead, use sites that are reliable and reputable. Think about joining local cuckolding clubs as well. There’s almost certainly a scene near you.

Go all the Way with Cuckolding Fetishes

Many couples find that the way participants dress is as important as the size of the bull’s penis. Talk about how you want to stage your sessions. Do you want to a basic hotel room style environment with just a mattress and the action, or do you want a more elaborate gothic-style set up? You could bring in role plays, like peasants and lords or dress yourself in a head to toe gimp suit to symbolise your submission. It’s all up to your imagination.

Experiment with Different Bulls to Find Out What Works

If the first guy who comes along doesn’t create the right tension or doesn’t deliver, don’t despair. There are thousands of bulls around – from Asian and black guys to Scandinavians. There are muscle-bound beach bums, inquisitive students and matured men of the world. You can find them all online, so don’t feel limited.

Enter the World of Cuckolding with your Eyes Open

Whatever you do, always talk it through with your wife. The reason you are cuckolding is so that both of you can benefit. In theory, steamy, all-night cuckolding sessions will bring you together and release any tensions in your relationship. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. So if you have any reservations, be open about them. But you probably won’t. Let’s face it – you’re a cuckold through and through, and you’re going to have a hell of a time.

Useful Tips and Tricks for Cuckolding

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