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Cuckold Relationships: 7 Ways to deal with the Jealousy Issue

man kissing naked woman standing in the hallway
The cuckold has to watch his wife getting fucked by a stranger

What's the worst thing about seeing your horny wife being fucked by a gang of hungry bulls? If you're into cuckolding, you'll know the answer. No matter how ready you are to see your wife being shared, and no matter how happy you are to play the cuckold, there's always the danger that feelings of jealousy will start to creep in, and when they do, that could be the end of your cuckolding fun. Here are some ways to banish jealousy for good.

1. Throw Yourself into the Experience for the Right Reasons

If you're just playing the cuckold to get off and experience a masturbatory thrill as your wife gets fucked, you're probably headed for a burst of jealousy when you see her climaxing like never before. Instead, no couple should start cuckolding without realising the implications, and the potential benefits. Cuckolding can bring you together and rekindle your relationship, but it's a mutual thing, not a chance for you to enjoy yourself. You've got to remember that.

2. Don't Hold Back - Play Your Roles Properly

Cuckolding is as much about theatre as sex, and you need to play your roles properly or it won't work. The aim is for the husband to be humiliated while the hotwife dominates. If this dynamic isn't working, the husband is the one who tends to get isolated, but he's actually a key part of the act. So try to work out ways of communicating during sex that keep the cuckold in shame and the wife in charge. It's not just a matter of fucking. Words and actions matter.

3. Give the Cuckold More than Just a Voyeuristic Role

Here's another thing to think about when you start cuckolding: when the husband just sits there watching proceedings, there's always the chance of him becoming detached, lessening the experience. So give him a role. Why not combine the cuckold role with filming? It won't just record your wife's orgasm, but it's arguably even more humiliating for the cuckold to see his humiliation replayed again and again.

4. Don't Get Stale With the Same Old Bull

Sometimes jealousy arises because the husband starts to feel that there is too much chemistry between his wife and the bull. When both bull and hotwife start to form a bond, that's the end of the cuckolding experience and the start of an affair, at least in the husband's eyes. So keep changing bulls regularly to keep things fresh. That way, things will be more fun for the hotwife as well.

5. Think About What the Alternatives Are

Whenever you start to feel a twinge of jealousy as your wife screams in ecstasy and a muscular, dynamic bull pounds her from behind, you can always comfort yourself with this thought: If you weren't cuckolding, your wife would probably be out there hooking up with guys behind your back. Isn't it better to be humiliated openly and pleasurably, than in secret, like so many other husbands?

6. When Jealousy Starts to Appear, Increase the Humiliation

Another way of looking at the issue is like this. When you engage in a cuckolding relationship, jealousy comes as part of the package. After all, it's your wife he's fucking, the woman you pledged your life to and may well be the mother of your children. But the answer is not to rebel. No, the solution is to seek further humiliation. Jealousy arises because of your pride, which cuckolding is all about destroying. So hand your wife a whip or kneel at the bull's feet. It's the only way to avoid jealousy rearing its ugly head.

7. Talk About Your Emotions Before and After Cuckolding Sessions

Finally, probably the most important piece of advice for people who are struggling to adapt to the world of cuckolding: don't be afraid to talk about your feelings. Obviously, this doesn't apply when the bull is in action and your wife is gasping with pleasure. The time to talk is before and after. Before you start, be clear about why you are cuckolding and how each other feels about it. Afterwards, by all means joke about how it felt to be humiliated, but if it was too hard to bear, be honest. Cuckolding can crush relationships. Don't let it happen to you.

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