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Cuckolding: Tips for Aspiring Bulls

For many guys, it’s the ultimate fantasy: having unlimited access to a pool of sex-crazed horny wives whose husbands simply can’t satisfy their lust for sexual pleasure. But before you place your advert on a cuckolding website, take a step back. The life of a bull isn’t always easy, and not everyone has it in them to send hot wives into ecstasy every time. If you can’t resist the desire to offer yourself, here’s what every bull needs to know.

man kissing half naked woman in a bed
The bull has to show the husband how to satisfy his wife properly

Not all Couples Know the Ropes, so be Sensitive

A bull’s role isn’t simply to mount the guy’s wife and show him how it’s done. You also need to be attentive to the needs of the couples you meet. Not all of them are experienced, and some wives are less horny than others (even if they do, deep down, want you to fuck them like never before). Some guys like to film, others just watch. Some like to chat before the session. Others just want you to get on with it. So be prepared for a diverse range of couples and try to adapt to each situation.

Choose Right Lines for Every Cuckold

One of the things that all bulls need to learn is that they have a double role. They aren’t just performing for the wife. They are also interacting with the cuckold. Your role isn’t just to fuck, you also have to provide the right level of humiliation for the husband/boyfriend, and finding the right words and attitude isn’t simple. Some guys can take harsh abuse. Some even like you to make their wives slap them or restrain them. Again, every cuckold is different, but it helps to have plenty of insults ready to deploy to find out what works and what doesn’t.

When the Session Starts, It’s Your Chance to Shine

Before a cuckolding session starts is the time to arrange your limits and those of the couple involved. But when you enter the bedroom, everything changes. At that point, you have to be the boss. You’re the alpha male, the bull, the conductor of proceedings, and you have to take charge. You know the limits, and it’s your job to push them as far as possible, so be assertive and confident, and don’t take any nonsense from the cuckold. However, don’t be aggressive towards the wife. You need to create chemistry between the two of you in order to isolate the cuckold, so try to treat her like the gentleman you are in real life.

Be Specific About What You are Looking For

Sometimes, you turn up at a venue and nothing works. The hot wife isn’t your type, or the cuckold desires forced feminisation and that’s not your thing. All of this can be avoided if you are clear about the kind of experience you want. Write a detailed advert and profile, and if you have any major don’ts, put your foot down. It’s important to be comfortable when the session starts, and with online chat rooms and apps to help, you can organise all of the details in advance.

It Might be Worth Meeting Socially Before You Fuck

Meet the couple before you have your first session.

As a bull, one of the key roles you play is to get into the head of the cuckold. You need to know both partners well enough for the humiliation to work. Little details about what turns her on and what humiliates the cuckold can be crucial.

So don’t be afraid to join your couple for dinner or a drink. You can size up the husband, assert your masculinity and flirt with the hot wife all you like. After that, the stage is set to pull of the perfect cuckolding session.

Don’t be Afraid to Regularly Change Your Partners

Cuckolding arrangements can become stale, just like any sexual relationships. Sometimes, cuckolds will freeze you out when you become to familiar. For some people, the thrill of seeing a stranger fuck your wife becomes less exciting when the stranger starts to become a friend. And bulls need to keep the experience fresh as well. The last thing you need is to become romantically involved with a hot wife outside the arrangement. With so many cuckolding sites on the web, there’s no excuse to go stale, so play the field and offer your services widely. It’s more fun that way anyhow.

Be the Bull You’ve Always Wanted to Be

If you follow these tips, you’ll do fine. Few things in life are as exciting and satisfying as being a confident, in-demand bull, and you’ve got what it takes to succeed. Just stay flexible, remember your role, deal with cuckolds and hot wives in the right way and prepare in advance and the experience will be amazing, every time.

Useful Tips and Tricks for Cuckolding

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