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Finding the Perfect Partner to Cheat With [4 Ways]

Finding the perfect partner to cheat with isn't hard, you just need to narrow down the playing field. If you don't love the beach then don't try to find your cheating-hearted love match on a sandy beach.

couple find the right cheating partner
Find a partner who loves to cheat as much as you do.

Your best chance of finding your ideal love match is in an environment that you can both relate to. Having sexual tastes and appetites that are similar or the same will also go a long way to making your encounters hotter than ever and as satisfying as possible.

If you love to dance, try a dance club or bar, if you love adventure, try an outdoor location or activity that you enjoy, if you love romance try a romantic hotel or restaurant.


Chances are you wont be spending that much time with them doing much that isn't illicit, so it doesn't have to be rocket science but similar personalities might mean similar tastes in bed and similar emotional expectations.

Adult stores can lead to some interesting conversations and shared interests are easy to talk about in the ultra-open environment of adult strip shows and shops.

#1 Play the Field while Looking

The best way to find a partner who loves to cheat and doesn't mind that you have a steady partner is to spend time with them. Talk to them and see where their views on fidelity lie and how they feel about being the other woman.

If they get hot under the collar at the mere mention of it, then an open-cheating relationship is not for them (and they may not be the right one for you.


Not everybody is cut out to be the 'other' in a tryst and you need to be sure that this person is wholly on board with the facts of the matter and the reality.

What you most need is a no-strings attached scenario. If your potential match seems likely to catch feelings for you or seems like they're interested in more than casual sexual fun and games, you're better of with a different partner.

Be honest about the fact that you are looking for a partner that wont mind that you are cheating on your other partner/spouse and see what their reaction is. The more open they are to it, the less chance of it getting messy and complicated.

#2 Try Swinging Clubs

Partners who love to swing can make excellent cheating partners. You already know they are open to the idea of more than one partner and their partners may be too.

Although some partners who swing may only allow it when the couple is together - some have open or polyamorous relationships and are very happy to entertain the ideal for marital affairs whether it is in Sydney, Perth or Brisbane.

The only way to know is to join a session and get to know the couples there. Open conversation may lead to the cheating hook-up of a lifetime.

Many have completely open relationships, where the other partner is free to engage sexually with other partners. This may suit your needs as the last thing you need is a jealous wife creeping up on things and spoiling your fun.

hot brunette looking for cheating partner
Do you want to engage in open sexual activities with other partners?

If you meet a swinger couple, you could even try and introduce the idea to your current partner and see if they're game. This way you could openly have your cake and eat it too.

#3 Polyamory Groups

As already mentioned, couples who embrace polyamory may be more open to cheating as a rule. However, use caution as some poly amorous couples have closed relationships with three or four people only and won't welcome your advances.

Others allow for open relationships, swinging and threesome sexual encounters or group sex. Talk about what everybody wants and needs and you will soon establish if this is the place to find your ideal cheating hook-up or not.


You should be open about sexual likes and dislikes too. This is the best way you can guarantee a more fulfilling and exciting experience.

Polyamory is not for everyone and many couples will not look outside their group for a sexual encounter. However the fringe is also littered with many people who are experimental or discovering alternative sexual relationships or encounters.

This means that the chance of finding somebody open to the idea of cheating with you is that much greater. It may lead to a perfect situation for the couple as a whole and add to the intimacy and sexual satisfaction of you both.

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#4 Look Online

Online dating sites like Cheating69, give you the ideal opportunities for those desired hook-ups. Partners who like to play the field and who are open to it, are always looking for like-minded partners.

Be honest on your dating profile and explain exactly what you expect from the encounter. If you want sex and specifically somebody open to being the "other" partner.

handosme man finding online the perfect cheating partner
Young men are looking for a thrilling sexual affair in Cheating69

If you match, you're good to go. If you have specific sexual interests try a sexual hook up site where you can list your love of BDSM, muscle men, well endowed younger men or threesomes. Single guys, military men and bored young men looking for a thrilling sexual affair with an older woman may make the ideal cheating partners.

Again be open and frank on your profile and try to find somebody in your area. Long distance hook-ups almost never work out for anybody.

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