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Fulfilling those Erotic Desires with a Cheating Partner

Not long ago, Florida State University conducted a study on 233 newly wedded couples. The study comprised of finely detailed documentation of the relationship for three and a half years.

kinky cheating couple fulfilling erotic desires
Fulfill your sexual desires with a cheating partner!

Hence, issues about marital satisfaction, long-term commitment, and sexual satisfaction were covered in details. The results from the study were mind-blowing!

Couples who are highly satisfied with the sex in their relationships are more likely to cheat.

According to the study, such couples feel more positive about their sex in general and are willing to seek it out regardless of how they felt about their main relationship. If you are under the impression that it’s mostly men who cheat on their partners, you’re wrong!

The new research suggests that many married women are seeking affairs for romance and sexual satisfaction with no intention to divorce the main partner.


A predictable thing about a relationship is that the longer it progresses, the quality not to mention the frequency of sex fades.

An author in one of the recent study explains that couples get used to and bored with the same body. Such boredom drains intimacy and excitement. Below are a number of reasons why partners prefer fulfilling their sexual desires with a cheating partner.

Most People Cheat with no Plans to Divorce

Interestingly, many people that lust for extramarital intimacy have no intentions of divorcing their partners! Of course, a cheating wife is hardly looking for a new husband.

A woman will even state her overt love for her husband – painting him in a positive light. However, they prefer having an extra-marital affair with sexual satisfaction.

Women Find Marriage a Monogamous Affair

Women often get lost in the monotony and boredom of marriage. When they want to feel a little special and adored, they’ll look for that from someone other than their husbands.

The main aim is always to find some prince charming out there who will make them feel like beautiful princesses and also appreciated again. On the other hand, men tend to cheat with many women.

hot cheating encounter in the bedroom
Are you looking to be satisfied in bed?

They feel that there is less risk of exposure when the emotional connection doesn’t come into play. What’s more, none of the cheats can dare demand on a man to leave his spouse.

The Interesting Implication of Gender Roles

Generally, men have been appreciated for being 'men'. Apart from being the hunter, protector, breadwinner, men receive appreciation for being ‘men’ even when it comes to sex. Having multiple sexual partners is a little heroic for men.

However, women are stigmatized as ‘sluts’ when they have multiple partners. To avoid being deemed as sluts, women will prefer monogamy with their infidelity.

What Women Really Look for When Cheating

Many people often associate infidelity in married women as seeking out emotional support, or just fell in love with someone else. However, an intensive research revealed that women are not out there to seek emotional support.

Instead, they just want men who are sexually compatible. They are actually very practical when making the decision on who they’ll be getting involved with. The interesting thing about it – the decision is not based on whether he or not he is a good guy.

Most, if not all of the married women looking for men, aren’t looking for love elsewhere – you’ll still find out that they love their husbands. They’re simply looking to be satisfied in bed! If you thought they it for revenge, or to get out of the marriage, you’re wrong!

In some marriages, women no longer have sex with their husbands at all. Other husbands aren’t bothered about giving their wives orgasms. Hence, such marriages are either sexless or orgasm-less!

Most of them fear to address such issues to their husbands in the fear of losing them, breaking the husband’s heart, and eventually, breaking the marriage.

Overall, women find cheating a good solution – they ensure it plays safely to keep it from their husbands. By outsourcing sex, they are able to come home and be wives and mothers.

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How to Know that Your Partner is Cheating

The research by the Florida State University tested the psychological processes such as attentional disengagement and evaluation devaluation. The test involved showing subjects pictures of a mixture of highly attractive and average looking men and women.

Both processes are meant to check the ability to direct attention away from someone who is particularly good-looking, and the tendency to view another one as less good-looking.

The two processes are common ways in relationships stop themselves from being tempted and distracted by other options. Interestingly, those who took less time on the photo were less likely to cheat on their partner.

However, those that took longer to direct their attention to the most attractive picture are more likely to cheat.


Other proven strong signal of someone cheating in the future was the AGE. Everyone has a sexual history when young. Men with more short-term sex partners are more likely to cheat. Well, that’s the opposite when it comes to women.

The advent of tools such social media, there’s an increased access and availability of alternative partners. Perhaps you’re wondering whether one can avoid chances of cheating. Well, the two techniques discovered in the research can greatly help minimize chances of infidelity.

cheating wife with lover fulfilling her desires
Don't get bored with the same body!

Partners with high levels of attentional disengagement and evaluation devaluation are less likely to cheat. Hence, you’ll want to avoid thinking about potential romantic partner’s attractiveness alongside downplaying a potential partner attractiveness in your mind.

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