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How Cheating Can Actually Make Your Relationship Better

Nowadays, the idea of monogamy continues to bear more scrutiny. While the point that human beings are not biologically designed to be with one person for the entire life is becoming more prevalent in modern, western culture, majority continue to search for that perfect relationship.

trying cheating to improve the relationship
By cheating you could save your relationship!

So, what happens when you find that right partner? Is it everything you imagined? Is it perfect all the time? Unless you’re acting the Drew Barrymore movie, you’ll eventually suffer from bouts of boredom.

You’ll annoy and frustrate each other more often.

What if there was something to fix the frustrations? Of course, intimacy is one thing to bring back to when you first started dating and everything was so hot and heavy.

Interestingly, Infidelity, the very opposite of what defines the nature of your relationship, could help save the relationship. Below are reasons why cheating can help save your relationship.

The Right Couple Finds Cheating a Worthwhile Adventure

For the right type of couple, cheating is actually a key to a more exciting sex life not to mention a more fulfilled relationship. However, cheating for the wrong couple will only bring about a whole new slew of issues!

Not many people are okay with the fact that the partner is sleeping with someone else.

Technology Has Changed Everything When it Comes to Cheating

Currently, infidelity is more of an individual interpretation. For instance, the internet has paved way for people to engage with other people and be sexual without being physical.

However, the usual definition of infidelity as having a marital affair, getting pregnant, and bearing a child with different hair color – is no longer sufficient.

Cheating Can Help You Stand Up for What You Need

Things are not going well with your spouse. You’re no longer having sex, and all you’re thinking about is divorce. Well, getting into an affair can flare you and get you really wrapped up in the rush of excitement and feeling of discovery.


You’ll love all the new stuff that comes with being with someone different. You’ll feel alive not to mention elucidate everything wrong with your courtship.

Cheating Can Actually Revive your Sex Life

Most men find their wives unattractive – especially after getting the first child. A number will complain that their wives loses sex drive and naturally go into mommy mode. Of course, this is natural.

However, you don’t want the mommy mode extending up to the third year. A number of men opt to try out other women. You’ll want to try out the sexting and dirty talk you did with your cheating wife.

cheating husband to get better in bed
Work on your love making skills with your cheating partner.

Most women are reawakened sexually; you’ll definitely get her back on!

A Cheating Partner: What You’ve Been Missing?

You’re probably in a rut:

No more fun, passion is gone, you feel like roommates, responsibilities of kids, work, home, and bills are just wearing you down!

When you get a cheating partner, she’ll most likely persuade you to leave your current wife and maybe you decide you are into wife swapping as a new adventure. Most men get a panic attack – they become terrified of losing everything! This makes them to come back rejuvenated and more than willing to make everything work in the relationship.

Cheating Makes Men Realize How Much They Love Their Wives

A good number of courtships go through intimacy issues, not to mention the inability to make time for each other. Ever tried to make time for your spouse, only to find it more hard?

An existing research shows that when a guy has sex with another woman, he realizes how much he loves his wife and how much he had to lose. Majority of men are forced to confront their issues with their women head on.

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Cheating Makes One a Pro in Bed

Perhaps you get terrible sexual experience with your spouse. The last thing you want to do is pretend everything is fine. Worse still, talking to your partner about it seems impossible.

That’s alright!

Finding a cheating partner can be a good alternative. Here, you can work on your love making skills and ensure your woman achieves some multiple orgasms next time you’ll be having sex.

Cheating Helps You to Satisfy Sexual and Emotional Needs

Open relationships are quite common for people with low or no sex drive and the other still has natural urges. While the reason for cheating is not always sexual, it can sometimes be tied into the feeling of being desired and needing intimacy.


Not everyone who cheat cover the sexual adventure. Open relationships are becoming more common nowadays. One or both partner is quite free to pursue an active sex life outside the relationship.

Infidelity Can Add Fizz to a Flat Relationship

Unless you’re a supernatural, marriage and long term relationships can be a daunting experience. Of course, it’s naïve to think that love alone is enough to keep a relationship healthy and successful.

What looks like a safe and loving moment can in no time turn boring and suffocating.

Women Tend to be Emotionally Stronger Because of It

Apparently, women get emotionally stronger after being cheated on. An existing research explains that break ups are typically harder on women compared to men; probably because they tend to talk about it, think about it, and work out the post break up feelings.

However, they become emotionally stronger.

marriage saved by having a cheating partner
Your wife will feel she is more desired.

Cheating Might Make you Make Positive Relationship Changes

While a number of people look at infidelity as a symptom of bigger issue, an experience with a cheating partner allows you to have a better shot at addressing them.

Whether you decide to stay in the relationship or not, realizing that this issues exist can be worthwhile.

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