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5 Smooth Tips To Meet Lonely Housewives at The Gym

housewife in sexy gym clothes

Here’s the best-kept secret in all of dating-world: the gym and the health fitness store are two of the best places to pick up lonely housewives. You may be thinking, “What? How?” but stick with us. Gyms are a great place to meet women because it’s a communal setting and the energy is highly charged.

It’s even better because, during the day, gyms are a haven for otherwise bored housewives who find it very rewarding to focus on working their body and sculpting their already fit physique.

If you’ve been eyeing these women from afar, take heart: we’ve got the 5 best tips to approach handpick up lonely housewives at the gym with confidence and a little bit of sizzle, taking you from gym rat ways to gym stud.

1. Just A Regular Joe

Your taste for older women with nice bodies, especially when they come in the tempting form of lonely housewives, is not so crazy. And while the gym is a treasure trove of these beautiful women, you’re not only there because she is, right?

To approach these women, you have to set the stage. Make sure you’re there regularly and at the same time as some of the women (or that one special lady) you’ve got your eye on. If you’re just open to dating around, join a fitness class rather than simply working on machines. Either way, pick a couple of days and set times you’ll show up that coincide with hers. The bonus will be your buff bod.

2. Those Are Some Nice…

...And stretchy yoga pants you have on! Okay, spandex, lycra and any other stretchy material seldom leaves much to the imagination. But part of approaching her and befriending her is making her comfortable.

Any brute can comment on her body — and lonely housewives definitely love the attention their curvy bodies can score from men — but that’s way too obvious. The smoother move would be to compliment her cute sneakers or notice how clever it is that her tank top matches her phone (or her nails).

She’ll love that you noticed and you’ll start to break the ice with your unexpected approach. Because if she's as hot as you know she is, she's probably gotten meaningless compliments before. You keep being a class apart!

3. Boot Camp, Baby!

There is no better place to scope out housewives than a boot camp. Whether it’s early in the morning or one just after work, women seem to love boot camps because they’re intense and they get the most bang for their buck in the shortest amount of time.

While you may occasionally meet an older women with a svelte physique sculpted solely from weights, chances are, she's way more advanced and is not really there to socialize anyway. Boot camps are great for this added reason: they give you a chance to get friendly and talk within sets, or even be in team together for partner workouts and circuits.

4. Buddy Up

Which leads us to this: women are going to feel way more open to you if you’re not obviously looking to hook up with them. This doesn’t only mean “play it cool”. This also means it’s up to you to form a friendship which, over time, can segue into getting her number or grabbing a coffee after a workout (or a smoothie, whatever you’re both into).

Once you’ve established your presence in the gym and you’ve dropped a couple of “hey”s, you can spend some time working out next to her. Don’t interrupt her workout but do be attentive. Treat it like a first date of sorts: ask her about if she works, what she’s into, if she has kids.

You can offer to refill her water if you’re going to refill your own. This shows that you’re attentive and also — the big one — you’re interested in her!

5. Don’t Play The Maverick

You may spend a lot of time at the gym. Or you may just come in, get your work out in and bail. While it’s okay to bring your concentration and focus to a work out, show her that you're the every guy’s man.

In this case, it really helps to be friendly with the managers and staff on duty. Not only might it win you extra towels and establish your presence, it’ll also cement your image in her mind as totally non-threatening. You can begin with hello’s and progress to small talk, asking about their shifts or even asking for tips on protein powders or how to work a machine.

Work It!

Your magnetic presence will not go unnoticed by her if you play the long game with these five tips. There’s absolutely no need to rush. Be confident but not egotistical. What’s the difference? Confidence attracts people and comes from a sense of self-assurance. Ego is about insecurity.

Yes, you have one goal in mind: to score a date with a lonely housewife. But she doesn’t have to know that shall we? Keep your form on point in both your pull-ups and your pick-up technique with these tips.

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