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7 Things to Remember When You Start A Lesbian Affair

Love isn't just a "many splendored thing" as the cliche goes, it's also incredibly complicated, especially when you are married but start falling for women that you meet. If you find yourself being attracted to women, but you don't want to leave your marriage, that's fine. You can find a way to have a lesbian affair and keep it secret from your husband, if that's what you really want. Here's how to keep it hush-hush while enjoying a lesbian fling as much as possible.

lesbian housewives making out in bed
'A lesbian affair is a deep desire and completely natural'

1. Don't Feel Paranoid or Guilty About Following Your Desires

The first thing to remember when embarking on a lesbian affair is that your desires are completely natural. If they have been stuck in a loveless relationship, lonely wives almost always reach out to someone who cares, someone who can give them the love they crave. Often that's a female friend who offers sympathy. Love is love, and if you reach out to a fellow woman, there's no shame in that.

2. Be Ready for Short-Term Lesbian Lovers

Sometimes lesbian affairs happen on the spur of the moment and fizzle out just as quickly. You might lock eyes with someone at a party or meet a friend of a friend who you connect with, meet up a few times, have sex and then never see each other again. It's not unusual on the lesbian scene, and for lonely wives short term flings can be a great stress relieving mechanism, so why not embrace them?

3. Try to be Honest with Yourself About Your Marriage

Lonely married women shouldn't start dating other women unless they are clear about where they are heading. A little bit of fun on the side can easily become a marriage-breaker when the truth gets out and your husband finds out. So try to be honest. Are you ready to break up your marriage or are you going to look for casual relationships and keep things going? If so, be prepared to be discreet.

4. Online Hook-Ups Can be a Great Way to Meet Lesbian Partners

This discretion isn't always guaranteed. If you meet girls at lesbian bars or flirt in public, you don't know who you are mixing with. They could be casual daters like yourself and they could know someone who knows someone.. At online dating sites you can join communities of people who are serious about having secret affairs. They are the best place to meet sexy women, many of them also looking to break out of their marital cage.

5. Are You Really a Lesbian or Just Bored and Frustrated?

This is a serious question, not a provocation. Sometimes, lonely wives feel the urge to flirt with women (and men) as a way to make themselves feel powerful, revitalised and sexually alive. For them, sex within marriage isn't happening, but their libido drives them to take risks and seek partners. If that sounds like you, go ahead and flirt, but be ready to take some flak from lesbian partners if you aren't prepared to go all the way.

6. Talk to your Husband About Sex and Sexuality

This isn't applicable to everyone. Sometimes, marriages (and husbands) are beyond help. If so, the best tactic is to abandon them and embrace the lesbian scene. But often there's room for compromise. Sexual boredom can be temporary. Stress plays apart. And many lonely wives are bisexual, not lesbian. In that case, talking about sex with your husband could unlock new sexual vistas, some of which could involve exploring your passion for women. He might like it, and it could be the ideal compromise. You'll never know until you talk about it.

7. Always Have an Exit Strategy in Place

If you fall into a lesbian affair, always be prepared for the worst. If your husband demands a divorce, you don't want to be left alone and without support. So cultivate sympathetic friends, whether they are lesbians or not. Try to integrate yourself into the local community, and use online forums to create contacts. If everything falls apart, those social resources could save you from even deeper heartbreak.

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