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Men Cheat More than Women, but what Really is the Reason?

Nothing hurts more than being cheated on and if you're a woman trying to piece back your broken relationship, you could be wondering why your man cheated in the first place.

cheating man with lonely wives
Cheating is a call for boosting the ego.

Knowing the reason will surely help you get a solution. Are you the problem? Is he not satisfied with your love and care? What if you find out that he is being seduced by the married women looking for men for extra pleasure?

There is a Rush Feeling from Behaving Badly

Have you ever heard that if it is wrong then if feels good? Men like the off-limits feeling they get from taking the forbidden fruit. Surprisingly, this is not just for men but women too.

Exploring sex with new partners comes with a wild fantasy that most men enjoy. If you're not careful, then your man will fall for these fantasies and your relationship will be wrecked for good.

Co-Occurring Issues

Your man might be having ongoing problems with drugs and alcohol that are really affecting his decision making. This may be leading to regrettable sexual decisions, and that's why he might be cheating.

Sexual addition is also not an exclusion for why men cheat. If he is sexually addicted, then he will compulsively engage in sexual fantasies and behaviors in order to numb out or avoid life.


A married man may fail to understand that he is no longer the fuck boy he was before meeting his partner. This may be forcing him to continue with the sexual fantasies he enjoyed before committing to one partner.

Immaturity also manifests in the sense that a man may cheat knowing that he's not hurting his partner if he is not caught. Such a guy may not realize that most women always sense when something is not adding up in their relationship.


Your relationship will be a total wreck if your partner learns that you've been cheating and hiding all this time. They will conclude that you're solely the reason.

He May be Feeling Insecure

A man may cheat on his wife because he feels too old, too young or not handsome enough to handle her. In fact, a lot of male cheating has been found to be directly linked to mid-life crisis.

Therefore, in a move to boost his ego, a man in the mid-life will seek acceptance from women instead of his peers using sextracurricular sparks of interest in order to feel wanted, accepted and worthy.

a man use to cheating
His vow to only one wife as a sacrifice doesn't do.

If you have listened wife swapping stories about their cheating husbands, you may have learned that their husbands at this age may have shown some low levels of self-esteem and may have been performing poorly in bed.

Childhood Abuse

A cheating man may be latently responding or reenacting to unresolved childhood abuse, trauma, emotional abuse, sexual and physical abuse, and neglect.

In such a case, these childhood wounds may have left him unwilling or unable to fully commit to one person. Put differently, he might use the excitement and the distraction of infidelity as a means to self-soothe these unhealed wounds.


Selfishness is another reason that might makes a man engage in a marital affair. It is practically possible that he only thinks of himself and himself alone. This may make him keep secrets and lie without any remorse or regret for what his wife feels.

Provided he gets what he wants, the feelings of his partner are not a concern. Instead of viewing his vow to only one wife as a sacrifice, he might be viewing this as something to be worked around or avoided altogether.

Unrealistic Expectations

Most men as their women counterparts, go into a relationship or marriage with unrealistic expectations. However, men feel that their partner should meet all their whims and desires, sexual and otherwise, every day irrespective of how their partner feels at any time.

Most men in fact fail to understand that their partner has a life too, with feelings, thoughts, and needs that don't involve him. If his expectations in a relationship or marriage are not met, then he is likely to seek some external fulfillment.

Cheating May Be an Act of Revenge

If you cheat, then he is likely to cheat. Your man may cheat on you because he was angry at that one moment you tasted the forbidden fruit. He may be doing this just to hurt you or make him feel as equal and to prove that he is not sexually weak.


A man cheated on may feel weak and rejected. He may then begin to cheat to reassure himself of sexual power.

Actually he may not keep it a secret anymore because he wants you to feel the hurt he felt when you cheated.

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It may be difficult to really tell who cheats more between men and women. However, judging by the flirting nature of men and considering that they make the first move often times, then it is correct to say they cheat more than women.

man cheating wife with a sexy brunette
Infidelity is more interesting than married life.

However, there are reasons why they find infidelity more interesting than their marriages. Only a few of these have been highlighted in this text.

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