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Surprising Reasons why People Cheat on Their Spouses

Infidelity is among the most distressing things to experience in any romantic relationship. Hence, lovers motivated to be unfaithful must have very good reasons for cheating. How about understanding some of the common reasons why cheaters cheat?

man trying to find the reason of his wife cheating
Do you want to know why she cheated on you?

Of course, there’s more to cheating than simply sowing some illicit oats. Whether you’ve caught your partner red handed, or you’re just speculating it, the fact remains that cheating is quite heart wrenching.

However, you’ll want to check out on some of the reasons spouses give for cheating on their partners.

Most People Cheat Because of Disconnection

Among the most common reasons for infidelity is the feeling that you and your spouse have drifted apart. Married women looking for men try to find something new and exciting when the current relationship turns predictable and familiar.

Several reasons can bring about disconnection between partners. Among them is poor communication. When life seems more dominated by work, lonely wives have no choice but to look for solace elsewhere!

Feeling Unloved and Unappreciated

One can rate how affectionate the partner is just by the love language used. While some people prefer verbal communication and saying good things, other prefer expressing their affection physically by cuddling or kissing.

When your love language is different from that of your partner, one of you might feel unloved. Any cheating wife is out there to look for affection from someone that knows it better than you!

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Relationship Imbalance

When there is a relationship imbalance, one partner may begin to feel more responsible while the other one feels inferior. A partner might feel superior and fully responsible for making all decisions, organizing, managing finances; just to mention a few.

Hence, the inferior partner is more likely to commit infidelity in trying to feel appreciated and equal. It sounds quite fair to reclaim some sense of independence and authority.

Fear of Commitment

Sometimes, affairs occur at the time when you assume people would be most secure in their relationship. For example: after engagement and a man get the spouse pregnant, he might be tempted to cheat on the partner in fear of commitments. In such situations, cheating is meant to drive the woman away from the relationship!

passionate sex being a cheating reason
FACT: Married couples often end up in cheating!

Issues related to Self-esteem

Interestingly: Cheating can also be as a result from personal insecurity. People with low esteem tend to be quite dependent on the attention given by others.

In most instances, when the attention by the partner is not enough, the individual feels a little insecure about the relationship and opt to cheat as a way of rejecting rather than being rejected.

Sexual Addictive Behavior

Infidelity can be commonly linked to issues with sexual addictive behavior. When one habitually engages sex as a way of satisfying desires and relieving the negative feelings, sex can be compulsive in a similar way to drugs and alcohol.

Cheating because of lost love

An existing study focused on why married couples often end up in cheating. After analyzing a few responses, it was quite clear that partners fall out of love after some time.

Hence, the cheating partner no longer feels their partner’s love for them and end up in a marital affair.

Desire for More Sexual Adventure

Perhaps the sexual behaviors of human being is similar to that of the animals. Remember: In case one partner is simply insatiable and can’t satisfy his or her multifaceted sexual urge with one partner, the individual will want more sexual partners.

If you thought that’s enough, some partners are willing to try out varied versions of sexual adventures – just don’t know how to approach their partners with the issue and not appear sluttish!

Hence, they’re forced to try out their sexual fantasies with a cheating partner out there.

Situational Factors

At times, some people are forced to cheat on their spouses due to situations they are in. A number has reported to use alcohol and end up banging their ex-girlfriends. Of course, using some substances such as drugs can cloud your judgement.


If your spouse cheats through situational factors, this will play around his or her peers.

Anger Makes Some People Cheat

Of course, infidelity can be as simple as an act of rage. An existing study explained how people who were angry at their spouses ended up cheating on them.

Hence, when lonely wives realize that their husbands have been cheating all along, they may end up looking for discreet sex.

Other frustrations such as bad day in office could also make an individual have sex with someone else other that the spouse.

So, What’s Next?

Majority of cheaters are only looking for sex. While a bigger percentage of these cheaters are men, women also outsource sex. However, theirs is a little different – married women looking for men cite feeling of being neglected or ignored in their main relationship.

What happens when an individual is cheated on?

Despite sounding a little hard, infidelity doesn’t always have to mean the end to a relationship. Some spouses truly regret and are more than willing to make up for the inconvenience caused.

If you’re both interested, you can slowly work it out. However, other couples are crushed and conclude that nothing can save the ruin.

Whichever the situation, you might want to try assessing the issue as a couple. In case your partner is willing to take responsibility for cheating without giving excuses, you can easily work things out.

spouse cheating
Angry spouses might end up cheating on you!

How about taking some time to analyze the actual cause for the infidelity? While more men will list sexual desire as the main cause for infidelity, women point out that they are neglected. How about trying to offer a solution to these main two reasons for infidelity?


Try engaging your partner in a conversation about his or her perspective of infidelity. Let him or her tell you how he or she would react if they found you cheating.

This way, you’ll know the boundaries not to mention avoid being heartbroken!

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