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The Best Places to Meet Your Affair Partner

When you start an affair, sure passion takes centre stage. but you soon discover something really important. Cheating on your partner takes organisation. And one of the most important parts of that is finding romantic, private places to conduct your rendez vous.

lovers on bed, while wife is calling
Double checking phones is always advisable!

You can't get lazy about where you meet. That's either a recipe for being unmasked as a cheater, or a quick route to your passion fizzling out as your dates lose their excitement. So how do you find the perfect place to meet your fuck buddy for casual, discreet hook-ups?

We know a few things about cheating, and we've drawn deep from our well of sexpertise to come up with a list of the best ideas about finding places to stage your sexy meet-ups.

Be careful about where you meet your affair partner

This is fundamental: before you even start thinking about a venue, pick someone to cheat with who is least likely to lead to complications. Let's assume that you aren't looking to leave your partner, and you just want someone who is up for an NSA marital affair. In that case, it won't be hard to find the ideal companion.

Logging onto sites like Cheating69 is definitely the best way to go. We'd advise against hooking up with work colleagues (although go for it if you're sure it can work). And close friends are out of the question. Instead, cheating web sites are like clearing houses for people who are on the same page. You'll find hundreds of people like you, people who don't want to be discovered, but are keen to start passionate flings.

Get out of your comfort zone and try somewhere new

The first thing to say about finding places to meet is that staying local is a big no-no. Don't be lazy and pick a bar or restaurant you know well just because if things don't work out you'll have a quick ride back to your apartment. Branch out a bit and leave your neighborhood.


So here's a pro tip: try as hard as you can to keep things above board during working hours. Don't steal away to a cupboard for some action in between meetings. Play it cool and work out date venues that aren't too far away from work. Or find a hotel nearby which isn't used by visitors to your company.

If you stay close to home, you'll put yourself at much greater risk of exposure. Chances are (and believe us, it happens) someone you or your partner knows will be right there, chilling at the bar. And when that happens, you'd better have a few excuses up your sleeve. Or just take the risk out of the equation by venturing further afield.

Be careful about mixing work and play

woman seducing man at work
Hooking up at work can be a risky idea!

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, meeting at work can be tricky. Sure, the sex (and the lunchtime quickies) might be great, but being under the eyes of colleagues and managers isn't so hot. That's why discreet sex is more than important.

One handy strategy is to focus on special working events like away days, team-building exercises, parties or trips. These occasions tend to see less scrutiny of how workers behave, and you'll find more opportunities to get together. Plus, they are often well away from your home and partner.

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All the world's a stage - for kinky encounters

If you're looking for a sexy meet-up venue, cinemas and theatres are always a good bet. These places are naturally shadowy and dark, so that the stage is illuminated by the seats are not. The classic strategy is to book seats at the back, and arrive separately. Just slide into your seats as if you were strangers, and no-one will notice a thing.

Museums and galleries are less promising as meet-up venues, but can still work fine. Much of the time they aren't busy, with cavernous galleries to explore together. And two people walking hand in hand through a museum aren't going to excite much suspicion. Just avoid them if your friendship group are into cultural activities.

Couple in the cinema
Empty cinemas can be ideal!

What about hitting the coast?

If you live close to the Australian coast, you're in luck, because meeting your fuck buddy at the beach is a great idea. But don't just pick any beach. Choose places that are less busy, and where you won't be likely to encounter friends or work colleagues.

If you want to spend the night in a coastal hideaway, that's great. But be careful about booking accommodation. Popular hotels are generally a bad idea, as hundreds of people pass through them every day.

So here's another pro-tip: pick smaller hotels or B&Bs for your hook-ups. Even better, you could book an AirBnB. That way, you can find out about the host and ensure they aren't connected to your partner.

Be realistic, be careful and have fun

Cheating isn't as easy as many people think, and all uncovered affairs start with two people who don't intend to give themselves away. By choosing your partner wisely, picking places to meet, and covering wisely, you can stay discreet and cheat to your heart's content. Just don't get greedy.

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