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Make Your Wife Swapping Dreams a Reality with Cheating69

Anything goes at Cheating69, Australia and New Zealand's number one kinky adult dating Australian site. On our forums, wife swapping is definitely on the agenda, with thousands of couples meeting every day to live out their sexual dreams.

wife swapping fun
Did you know that swapping wives is becoming even more popular?

If your relationship has been turning stale, why not join them? For those who don't already know, wife swapping is a little like swinging. As the name suggests, it involves two or more couples.

When they get together, the partners split up and get it on with their opposing number - resulting in a sexual thrill like no other.

Of course, this isn't easy to arrange in everyday life, but it's surprisingly common nonetheless. Thanks to Cheating69, it's becoming even more popular. Our boards are crammed with horny couples with photos and videos to check out.

Signing up takes a few seconds and is completely free, while whatever you get up to will stay totally private. We want people to feel free and secure to experiment and explore, so privacy is a top priority.

Why are so Many Australian and NZ Couples Trying Wife Swapping?

On the face of it, wife swapping might seem fairly radical, even shocking. After all, most couples sign up for a lifetime of monogamy, right?

Wrong, there's nothing in the marriage ceremony about the bedroom holding two people, and plenty of couples find that maintaining a loving relationship and sexual experimentation go hand in hand.

Why is this? Well, for starters in a healthy marriage lovers know the difference between love and sex. They can remain in love forever, while still enjoying all kinds of sexual adventures.

If you feel like you fit into that bracket, you might be the ideal candidate for some wife swapping at Cheating69.

Other couples just want to find ways to spice up their sex lives. Many of us feel uncomfortable with strict monogamy, so why constrain yourself?

Instead, you can easily bring sexy married women looking for men or horny guys into your bedroom. Turn your boring old twosome into a sexy menage a trois and discover a whole new set of sexual possibilities for your marriage.

handsome man enjoying the wife swapping moment
Wife swapping isn't a boring old book work.

Then there are kinkier couples who know exactly what they want. For these pros, wife swapping is about fulfilling their deepest fetishes and desires.

At Cheating69 you'll find couples who are into all sorts of decadent obsessions, from uniforms and cuckolding to voyeurism and filming. Check out the profiles and you'll find the contacts for your wife swapping debut.

How to Start a Wife Swapping Adventure with Cheating69

So there are plenty of reasons to try wife swapping via the Cheating69 site, but how should you go about beginning your swinging lifestyle? Firstly, it might sound obvious but you need to get both partners on board.

Be clear about what's going to happen, and set limits you are both comfortable with.

Now it's time for research. Don't worry, this isn't boring old book work. With Cheating69, it's all about researching a huge library of kinky profiles for wife swapping fun.

Wherever you are in Australia and NZ, you'll find singles and couples who are looking for a wife swap (or something kinkier). Scroll through the options, check out their likes and dislikes, and narrow down the list of people you'd be keen to meet.

After that, it's flirting time. When you know who you'd like to invite over for some wife swapping, let them know who you are. Start a group chat with everyone involved, share images and even set up video chats to get acquainted.

Cheating69 makes it incredibly easy to meet and flirt with members. And with thousands of friendly, open-minded people in every city, you'll find your feet in no time.

Join Cheating69 and try the Wife Swapping Lifestyle

If you've got this far, you're probably well on the way to starting an adventure in the world of marital kinkiness. And that's a wonderful thing. You're going to experience some of the most amazing sex and fulfilling social experiences a couple can enjoy.

There's definitely no better time to start wife swapping. With the rise of smartphone dating apps like Cheating69, it's never been easier to create an account and start arranging kinky hook-ups.

So head to our sign up pages, come up with a seductive description, and add some pics of you and your wife to entice local couples to take the bait.

Signing up is simple, fast and free. At Cheating69, we require very little information when you create an account, and you should be up and running in minutes.

hot blondes playing wife swapping
You might want to start the wife swapping life.

When that's done, you're on the road to sexual adventures like never before. Log onto our boards, start chatting and arrange to meet a couple for your first meet-up.

Wherever you are in New Zealand or Australia, it's easy to expand your sexual horizons - even for married couples. In fact, at Cheating69, we specialise in allowing couples to get more from their sex lives.

So join us today and discover the joys of discreet sex, NSA wife swapping. You're sure to have an incredible time

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